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You have become a photographer, and now, to show your professionalism, or your photography, you should always be thinking about how to display your photos in your home or business. Wouldn’t it make sense, if you want to become a good photographer, that you show people your work, your family and friends especially.

There are many ways to share your photos, and I want to show you the different ways to showcase your work:

  • When displaying pics, it’s best to hang the larger, more heavily framed or more imposing pieces to the left, which is where the eye will naturally look first, and the lighter, smaller pictures to the right. It tends to follow the way you read. Grab the person’s attention with the big photo on the left, then as they read to the left they will follow the photos you have there.
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  • The living room is probably one of the top places to show photos. You will bring family and friends into this room, give them something to strike up a conversation, like amazing photos.
Photos in the living room, is a great place to display your photos.
  • If you want to display a lot of photos together, what is the best way? There are a lot of ideas on how to display a lot of photos. Here is several ideas I found on Pinterest:
  1. Make a photo wall. …
  2. Invest in standing frames. …
  3. Mix art and interior design. …
  4. Put dozens of photos in one print. …
  5. Get inspired by nature. …
  6. Re-use existing art. …
  7. 1 Use hanging flip books.

Once you have decided on how to display these photos, you will want to find the perfect place to display your groups of photos. The most popular place that photos of quantity are displayed is on the stair case. Or even down a hallway, where you can pass your memories every day.

The stairway is a popular place to display your memories.
  • The other thing to think about, and I hope everyone can search for their relatives, but, you need a place to display old photos. Here is some more ideas for that:
If you have really old vintage photos, look for frames that will bring out the age of the photos.
A family tree is one way to really highlight your vintage photos.
  • Want to frame your photos yourself? There is a right way to do this, and here is a video that I think shows exactly what you do:

  • How do you print and frame your photos;

I hope that gives you ideas on how to display your photos. We would love to see some of your ideas. If you would like to share them, send your photo to:

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