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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: 123PhotoGo expands their services:

In order for this website to be a site that gives a lot to the photographers who read this blog, we are offering the following services:

1- What information would you like to see on the blogs? I want to learn about________________.

Simply email your question or idea to: question.123photogo@gmail.com

2- It is obvious that this website has a lot of followers. Can I advertise on this website?

This is a growing website for sure. Closing in now on 40,000 followers, just on Facebook alone, and we are also making a presence on Twitter, Tumbler, and Instagram. It makes sense to advertise on this page. We have two price points to buy an advertising site. $50.00 and $100. The description of what your add would do is listed in: http://www.123photogo.com/shop?

Or if you want to submit the ad and see what the cost would be, email me: advertising.123photogo@gmail.com

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3- Do you offer an email subscription to get more detailed and exciting offers exclusively for email subscribers?

Yes, that is something new here at 123photogo. You will notice at the bottom of each blog that is created, that there is a box to enter your email to join the email subscription program. I will get easier to use subscription boxes advertised within the blogs soon.

As far as special offers on products, I am now an affiliate with Amazon.com and we are keeping posted on special pricing and offers available at Amazon.com.

4- Would you like to write a blog yourself to this website? Is that program available???

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A blog that I do almost every day, is hard work. If you have a blog you would like to do, then submit that to: question.123photogo@gmail.com . You don’t get paid to submit your blog to this website, but your name will be attached to the blog for sure. There are a lot of good photographers that could write some great blogs, but, keep in mind that they will be reviewed before publishing. That is something we would like to do.

We hope to make this the best photographic website on the internet today. And you can help. Check these services out and join in the fun.

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