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Day Nine: “Double” — Rotate Your Image

Your twin sisters. Your neighbor’s two poodles. Your vision during a dizzy spell. Your doppelgänger.

Double can be interpreted in many ways. Here’s our take, courtesy of two yellow lines on a street in East London, England:

Show us your double take!

Today’s Tip: Sometimes, you’ll want to change the orientation of an image. Maybe you prefer a vertical image to be horizontal, or want to flip your image so your subject faces the other way. If it makes sense, rotate your image to create a more interesting composition.

Day Nine: “Double” — Rotate Your Image

To give you an example of what image rotation looks like, we’ve adjusted today’s featured image to create a horizontal version:

You, too, might need to rotate an image occasionally. After you upload an image to your blog’s dashboard, you can use it in various ways — embedded in a post, inserted in a gallery, or displayed as a featured image on your blog, which — depending on your theme — may display vertically or horizontally. (Not sure if your current theme supports featured images? Check this showcase of themes.)

Use the rotation tool in an image editor (Photoshop, Lightroom, PicMonkey, Pixlr) or your favorite photo app. (In Instagram — for example — click “Filter,” then “Adjust,” and tap on the circular arrow to adjust the orientation of your image.)

Taking pictures of things that are double is fun to do, because it usually will fall easily into the “rule of thirds” for composition. You can easily place one subject on the right third, and the other subject on the left third. Try it and see if you like it.

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