Special effects filter with star bursts

I hope you have been enjoying this weeks blogs, all talking about filters on your camera lenses. And what you can do during your photo shoot to create what you want rather than rely on “Post production”.

Today I wanted to talk about special effects filters, like the protective UV Filter you have on your lens now, only they were meant to do some creative photos with it. The Specil Effects filters for dslr cameras certainly make it so you may have an edge on photography that a lot of photographers don’t try, mostly because they just don’t know.

Special-Effects Filters: Star Filters

This first filter is called a 4 Point Star filter . This is how the photo at the top of the page was taken. Notice it has a little handle on it so you can rotate it to get the effect that you want.

This filter is unique. It is called: kalaidescope filter for lenses. See your subject turn into 9 images by using this filter. Not used a lot, but, it is there if you think you will have some fun with it.

Photo taken with a Kaleidoscope filter

The flare filter is a rare one, but a beauty. I can only find one place that is available. Go to: https://prismlensfx.com if this is a lens you are interested in.

This is a photo taken with the Flare FX filter.

This filter is called the Radiant FX filter, and I find it only available again at: https://prismlensfx.com

Photo showing without the radiant filter, and with a radiant filter. Puts stars on light sources.
A Beginner's Guide to Camera Lens Filters

Here you see a variety of Gradient filters. Here you can change just a sunset to a color, while leaving everything else the color that it was. These filters come in the standard round filters, or the square filters, in which you insert it into a filter holder.

If this type of filter, or filters interest you, there is a company that specializes in this. Just go to: https://prismlensfx.com and look for what might interest you. They also have photos of before and after. So, worth checking out.

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