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Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash
The Challenge is on: 51 subjects on photography, and this is number 5. And we will cover them all !

Someone came up with 51 different subjects in photography. Some of these, I would think are stretching it a bit. Like this one….. although I can thing of several ideas and tips to taking good photos of “COFFEE OR TEA”.

  1. When you think of taking photos of Coffee or Tea , would you just take a photo, looking down inside a cup? Or would you try to make it an interesting photo. The photo above was chosen after I went through about 40 photos before I found one that I thought was interesting. There are millions of people (or more) in the world that love Tea or Coffee. How do you make it interesting? By putting a person in the photo, show them actually enjoying their drink.

2- Just as there is an art to taking photos of Tea or Coffee, the Japanese have made it an art to pour and serve their Tea . Think of the different ways to just take these drinks and one great way is to show the art of the “Tea ceremony”. If you want to be an artist in portraying the good things about Tea or coffee, think of the art of the service. It’s a great way to show the traditions of the drinks.

3- Coffee or Tea is of course a hot drink. And the consumption of these two drinks is especially more popular in the cold climate. Just holding a cup of Coffee is one way to get warm. This is another great idea of how to take good photos of these two drinks. It is so very inviting to show a picture of this, because there is a big consensus that these drinks are loved more in the cold weather. Show people enjoying it because it’s a warm drink.

4- Another great way to show Coffee or Tea, is to show it in a very relaxing atmosphere. One, to show people that by drinking this drink, it will relax you, and also that showing a cozy atmosphere, you show that the environment you drink this drink should also be a nice relaxing place to drink, so that you can truly enjoy it’s calming effect on you. Look for great cozy backgrounds to display the drinks.

Photo by Lydia Matzal on Unsplash

5- One thing that makes drinking Coffee or Tea is the cup is often a work of art. Look for the details in the cup, if it’s artistic at all, and see if you think this is art. Look at the cup in the above photo, and notice how important this is. Could you find some type of pose for a cup? Try something like you see above, or some other way to display both the cup and the drink. Here is another example of the cup as being important as the drink:


Look for more than just a cup of Coffee or Tea to get a good photo. Include feelings of the how people enjoy the drink, either showing them enjoying the drink, or the atmosphere around them. All those items will make a good photo of Coffee and Tea.

Coffee and Tea have been highlighted throughout this article. Clicking on either the red Coffee, or the red Tea, you will be directed to a link that has an incredible assortment of these drinks, that perhaps you should try. There is more to drinking the same old thing ever time.

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