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Going down the list of “subjects in Photography”, I still keep coming to this thought: “How did anyone ever come up with this list?” Because some of these subjects are really strange, and honestly, I don’t know that some of these are real subjects. So, I will attempt to cover each of these subjects, no matter how strange they are, because someone may find some great tips on how to do a special assignment.

And today’s subject is: “HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS OF SOMETHING WEIRD”. When I read that, the first thing that came to mind was: What might be weird to me, may not be weird to everyone else”. So, with that in mind, the best I can do is try to cover this subject from my perspective. At least the photos may be really strange, and at least entertaining.

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As I was looking over the photos that are available to me, and the many different styles of “weirdness” you can find, the one thing I think makes a great “weird” photo, is just to take the photo when you see, and don’t let it pass you.

Have you ever seen something really weird, and did not take a photo, but, when you got to a group of friends or family, you want to tell them all about the “weird thing you saw this day, and you have to explain it, rather than just show them a photo.

Photo by David Kovalenko on Unsplash

We live in a wonderful world right now, as far as being able to take photos. If you don’t carry your camera with you, will certainly be the time you see something “weird”. So, your next best alternative is to use the camera that is built in to your cell phone. And the newer cell phones take pretty good photos. They won’t compare with a good DSLR digital camera, but, it’s what you got at the time, and it will work.

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Now the time to take photos of “weird” things, is when it just seems so “out of the ordinary” for this to happen. This photo above, has a story to this, and that is why it becomes even “weirder” : Derelict scene of a piano played by a broken manequin. I came across this setting when walking in the middle of nowhere near the city of Vallorbe, Switzerland.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

Another thing to do to get some “weird” photos, is to have your family or friends help you create the “weird” Photo. Get some help from them by having them do the weird thing that makes them your friend. Everyone can pull faces, or stand on their head, so get pictures of that. It will be good for you collection as well.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

A photographer who captures great “weird” photos, is one who can just grab their camera, or their cell phone, and get it quick before something changes. These kind of images are usually rare and timing is everything.

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