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It seems that the majority of all photographers when taking photos of a dress, would have it on a person. Taking photos of just the dress seems really boring. In fact, I was looking for photos of “dresses” and someone had actually submitted a photo of a dress on a hanger. BLAH !! So, if you want to take photos of a dress, please get someone to model it for you. Then you are taking photos of a model instead, with a dress.

1- In taking a photo of a dress, and on the girl, think “vertical”. You will get the dress in it’s long form without wrinkles, and you can see the whole dress as well. If the model was sitting, you would not see the proper length of the dress.

I’ll bet someone in this world, upon viewing this photo above, is saying: “oh that is such a cute dress!” This is a fun picture of the models finding something to do with their hands as well, so you can see the whole dress. Hands placement is also essential in taking photos of girls in dresses:

As I was looking for a great photo of the girl and her hand placement, I came across this photo. There were 3 different wedding photos taken by 3 different photographers, and every one had the girl put her hand in this same place. Seeing the side of the hand is much more pleasing than seeing the back or the front of the hand.

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Photo by Agelesspix on Unsplash

Sometimes it will be important to see the back of the dress. When you pose the girl, make sure you don’t have her standing with her back facing you, to the side, like the above photo is much more pleasing. It looks like a professionally posed photo, and it will win your client over big time.

Just a few more photos of good dress photos:


The photos above were designed to show the dress, and not the model. Shooting pictures of models is a whole different game. When you are taking photos of dresses, however, some of these poses done by models, show the dress off in the proper way. In other words, stick to just a few basic poses if you are trying to take a picture of the dress.

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