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51 subject in photography! Some of these subjects make sense, but some are hard. Today’s subject is very subjectional. It’s on: Learning how to take photos of something you never have done before! Read and learn:

The picture at the top is one subject of photography I have not done, or maybe have done when my children were younger. But, for me, doing sports photography is something I have never done before, seriously. So, I know what I need to do, and that is the point of this blog today: to challenge you to go out and take pictures of something you never have done before.

What, have you never taken pictures of before? Wild animals, street photography, architecture (you can see I’m picking hard subjects), sports, etc. Could you do it if someone asked you? Let’s take a look at my personal subject: SPORTS!

photo of man playing tennis
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Thinking this through, what specifics would I want to use in taking pictures of sports? Let’s look at what we know:

  • Most sports activities are very fast moving?
  • Is the lighting favorable to stop action?
  • Big question: Do I have the right equipment to do this type of photography?
  • What angle is the best to get great photos?
  • Can I get to a place to get good photos?
  • Will I get injured if I am too close? (Really? How many photographers get injured?)
  • And finally, what kind of photos do I take? Action? Athlete portrait? Crowds reaction?

And then, the next thing I think about, with the above questions in my mind:

  • ISO Setting should be much higher than normal, because I am going to try to stop action. Maybe 800ISO would be a good start.
  • Shutter speed needs to be fast. Let’s shoot for around 1/500 second.
  • Aperture, adjust according to light, but, I would ideally like to have it around 3.5 or F4 to make sure my background is focused out.
  • My auto focus should be on so I can stay up with the action. If I am trying to get a close-up, like a portrait, then go manual focus, so I can focus on the eyes.

If you are a serious photographer and want to try something new, then that is probably the steps you need to take. First, analyze what you are taking and the pitfalls that you might have, and then second, what would be your camera settings.

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

In the next couple of weeks, we are going to have the Olympics in Japan. Watch the photographers, and then notice the photos that come from these photographers. There is a lot to learn.

Photo by Yarenci Hdz on Unsplash

Now, take a look at a subject that you have never done before. Ask the right questions, learn before you go what the conditions are, and then figure out what settings your camera should be on. One of the tough subjects is “portraits of men”. Could you do the same great job as the photo above? Of course you can. A lot of succeeding in photography is to practice, and if it doesn’t come out, try again, until you get it right.

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