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When this subject came up in the list of 51 Photo subjects, I thought that this one would be a short one. Let’s just put it this way: If you want to capture candid moments, you need to have your camera set for automatic. Over 90 percent of regular photographs will work when the camera is on automatic. When you have the camera set in automatic, and you want to capture a candid moment, just grab your camera and take the photo. Do not worry about having your camera is manual mode for this.

40 Splendid Examples of Candid Photography - The Photo Argus
Compliments of “The Photo Argus”

I always try to keep my regular DSLR camera in automatic mode, just for this purpose. I have a better chance of capturing this candid moment, when the camera is in automatic mode, than if I grabbed my camera and had to do manual settings. The most prized photos you have will be the ones you capture unexpectedly.

Here is just a couple of photos of candid photography:

What is difference between Candid Photography and Traditional Photography  in wedding? - Happy Wedding App
Courtesy of “The Wedding App”
What is a Candid Photo?
Photographer unknown
What is candid wedding photography? Why should one hire a candid  photographer over a normal photographer? How should I select a candid  photographer? - Quora
Photo courtesy of Quora
12 Unique & Great Tips For Better Candid Photography - Spyne
Courtesy of Spyne

Don’t miss tomorrow’s subject: “A SUNBEAM”. Part of the 51 different subjects of photography project. Don’t miss a single one. Over 30 of the 50 have been done so far. Look back on past blogs to read the other subjects.

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