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Taking photos of a sport that you love is enjoyment #2. Besides the sport itself, what better way to find something you love, or the #2 passion, is taking pictures of this sport. (Actually, the number #1 enjoyment has to be to DO THE SPORT, RIGHT?)

There are so many different sports to love, but, in this case, we want you to take photos of something you participate in, or truly love to watch. That’s two different ways to take these photos: 1- pictures of you playing your favorite sport, or photos of your favorite sport with your family and friends, or even at your favorite place…. like the photo above. And 2- if you love, say, Football, Soccer, or baseball, you could go and take pictures of those games in process.

high angle view of people on bicycle
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If you are a biker, you may need some help getting pictures of yourself, but, if you just focus on getting a picture OF Bikers…. then you could hang up your photo on the wall or display it where you could get excited about it again…. something to live for.

Photo by Keith Johnston on Unsplash ——- High school receiver pulls away from a defender after catching a pass in a pre-season game in Texas.

If you love to sit in your chair and watch football all day on Sunday, then having a few good football pictures like this is something you would love to have on your wall. You could have more fun with this, if you went down to the local high school game and took your big lens (you will need it, because they don’t let you on the field) and get some great photos that work great.

Things you will need to get good sports photos:

  1. Tripod for camera
  2. Camera with big lens
  3. Sun shade for big lens
  4. Ability to take the photo with fast shutter speed.
  5. Patience and lots of practice
  6. Learn how to tell a story with your photography.
brown basketball on grey floor
Photo by Bk Aguilar on

I had 6 on my list, I like to keep it simple and easy to remember and understand. But I noticed that a different sports photographer, had 20 things on his list. Let’s look at his:

green soccer field with crowd at daytime
Photo by Liam McKay on Unsplash

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