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The “Golden Hour” as defined in the photographic world is:

  • 1 hour before actual sunset
  • 1 hour after actual sunrise

There seems to be something about those specific times that the sun, with it’s angle at that time, has to send it’s light through a haze, or atmosphere that causes lighting to turn kind of an orange glow all over. Not just for a sunset or sunrise, but, the whole land, or valley, or whatever, is kind of a golden glow. Some day’s that glow can be stronger than others, but, it’s there, and it is a photographer’s dream to be out taking photos at that time.

The Golden hour with the light at such a good angle lit up the whole valley, with orange clouds, and even the mountains created this golden glow.

I have taken, personally, some photos that the timing was right. The glow of the sun, before the sunset, was just amazing. I was even surprised to find that one day, while outside, we were in a crowd waiting to get into a concert, when I looked up to find a building that is built in grey colored granite rock. So, it should be grey in color. But, with the “golden Hour” going on, it lit that building up to produce a beautiful orange cast on that building:

The Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, with the light cast from the “Golden Hour”. This building is grey granite, not golden yellow.

People were saying that was in the line: “oh that’s nice!” I, being a photographer was, “YEAH, it’s nice, I’m taking a picture.” Hmm, the difference between a photographer and a “non-photographer”. We will never miss that chance.

Here are some more beautiful pictures of the “Golden Hour”:

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash
Photo by Paul Rysz on Unsplash
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