How to “Photograph Something You’ve Phographed Before” :

From the chart of 50 different photo subjects, we are now close to finishing this series. Look at the chart below and see all the subjects listed and notice we have only 2 left after this:

50 different photo subjects

But this subject intrigued me, and I’m not sure why this subject was added, unless you look at this idea in this way: “How to take a photograph of something you’ve photographed before, but DIFFERENTLY”.

Because why would you photograph something again, then repeat it? I’ll tell you why! Because if you’ve been taking pictures now for a while, hopefully you are learning something new about how to take pictures better. Then in your mind, you would think of how to make a previous photo better.

Here are reasons to repeat a photo again :

  • You have learned to photograph landscapes when the sun is lower in the sky.
  • You remember the rule of thirds, and would like to improve on the previous picture.
beach sand desert dry
Photo by Stef Vanbroekhoven on
  • The horizon on your last landscape was down the middle, and now you would like to try the upper or lower third of your photo.
modern megapolis near calm sea
Photo by Laura Tancredi on
  • For a portrait, you didn’t know all the right ways of posing people.
portrait photo of smiling man with his arms crossed standing in front of white wall
Photo by Italo Melo on
  • Wrong aperture was used before, and now you want to fix it.
  • For your small child or pet, you want to take it again and get on their level.
two yellow labrador retriever puppies
Photo by Chevanon Photography on
  • The exposure was too dark or too light before and now you want to fix it.
wood jetty light sea
Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on
  • You want to take a photograph again without the clutter in the background.
yellow flower in close up photography
Photo by NSU MON on
  • You have new camera equipment now and have the means to be more creative.
man holding ice cream cone under cloud
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on
  • You understand lighting better and want to try re-taking some photos with better lighting.
shallow focus photo of man wearing black dslr camera
Photo by Kyle Loftus on

Becoming the photographer you want to be takes time. And it’s fun to see where you’ve come from. Stay with this website as we help you along the way..


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