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One of the most popular ways of decorating a home, is to get 3 related photos together and use them as a special photo presentation. There are many ways to do this, and this is all about YOU taking the pictures. So, with this article today, let’s take a look at the different ideas of photos that you can use in your home.

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Some amazing photography today is still done in Black and White. This almost makes a statement, especially if you took the photos. It seems like today that the most trained photographers, always have some Black and White Photos in their collection. Can you see a place in your house to hang three related photos, in black and white.

This is another idea of how to do 3 related photos. And it takes careful planning, and cutting. But, a long horizontal photo, and each photo hung, is part of the middle photo, like you see above.

Putting your family photos in groups of 3 is also a great idea. Arrange them so they fit the wall or decorations of your home.

Ever wondered why 3?

It’s pretty simple: The rule guideline of threes say that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings. … Also, when you see an odd number of things, your eye is forced to move around more, which makes for a more interesting visual experience.

Here’s another great way to share the photos of your family. Have the photos closer together, so it almost looks like 1 big photo.

When doing a single photo and making it in to 3, I would work with your printer, and framer to get this done right. If you are brave enough you can always go to Amazon and look up: picture frames and see what types of frames there are in groups of 3. But Amazon does have a huge variety of picture frames. But get your photos done first.

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