PEOPLE PHOTOS: Posing men!

Photo by Tamarcus Brown on Unsplash

Posing men has it’s own style, just like posing women will be done totally different than a man. With a woman, you want to use posing that makes the woman more feminine, and the man you want to make more masculine. The above photo is a perfect example of how to do a “businessman” photo. And there is a couple of things that make this a great photo. First of all, when shooting most people, you want them to stand somewhat sideways, never just flat-chested at the camera. In this particular photo, he appears to be posing as if he was already walking down the street. When you do this kind of portrait, you want to give him space to walk into. So, on the left side of the photo seems to have a lot of “nothing” that interests the portrait, but, that’s not true. If a person is walking down the street, you want to give him space to walk into. This is a great portrait to have the man off to the right of the space.

This photo above shows another great way to pose a man. Just have him fold his arms, lean a little to one side, and you have a nice form to the body, and certainly makes him look very masculine.

Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Here is another pose that works well with men. But, beware of the lighting with this type of pose. In creating a strong, masculine look, you need to have control over the light. Have the light just so that he is side-lighted so that he is lit just from one side. This makes him look strong, and someone in power. A great pose to use.

Just a note: This type of pose is also used for women, with a twist of her looking back at you. We will go over the posing of women in 2 days, just after the “Photos of the Week” tomorrow. Stay with us.

Is it ok to pose a man while sitting down? Yes, with the right personality of the man, if he seems really easy going, this is a perfect pose. I have a feeling that this gentleman looks really good, when sitting like this. Might as well capture him as he really is!

I like this pose. I like the look this young man has. The rugged, athletic person, giving his competition the stare. But, his mom sees him close, and so handsome. When doing a super close-up of men, it is important that they have a good complexion. If they don’t, a close-up would make you lose a customer or friend real fast.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Now, rules are meant to be broken. I just mentioned above, that you don’t want the flat chest of the person facing you, and here is a pose with a man, with his chest facing you. Why does this pose work? Because he has done something with his arms, to break up the pattern of looking odd. And he is looking away, which gives the masculine look that you want. Try this one.

Photo by Graham Hunt on Unsplash

Here is a pose for men that is used a lot, and it works well. Having the man lean on his hand. You have a nice angle to the body, plus it gives him something to do, which for some men is hard to get them comfortable. This pose helps the man get comfortable.

Met this amazing gentleman on State Street in Santa Barbara. He allowed me to shoot this image, capturing a face with lines that tell his story. Deep in thought, he sits in his wheelchair waiting, contemplating and staring into the world. A gentle man, who, although completely aware, does not speak. ———-Photo by Donald Teel on Unsplash

This is one in a million type photos. To get some older man, wrinkled, obviously has led a hard life, and to get him to let you take his picture, is priceless. When I get an opportunity to get a portrait like this, I like to make it look even older, by giving it a “sepia-tone” effect, with a vignette around it. It just adds to the character of the person, like this below:

That’s a few of the main poses to use for men. Here are a few more great poses for men, that really are a version of what we have above:

Photo by Xenia Bogarova on Unsplash
topless well built man glancing on his upper right side
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

See you in two days as we go over the posing of women.

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