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In the photography world, there are some fun gadgets that a lot of people would enjoy if they knew more about them. That’s what I am here today to discuss:

There are several great manufactures of Filters for cameras. For Special effects, there are two that I have researched a bit, and really like. The first one is TIFFEN : Here is some information from them that I like:


Tiffen manufactures a wide variety of Special FX filters to aid in the suspension of belief, creating Night Time from daylight, dense Fog or star patterns from specular light sources. Our Special FX filters can be combined together, because they are double threaded, so you can get creative and experiment with some pretty wild photographic effects straight out of the camera.


There is quite a few different Tiffen special effects filters. I would invite you to click on this link: Tiffen special effects filters to discover the variety, and the prices. Filters are much easier than trying to accomplish all this with hours on Photoshop.

Another great filter company is: PetaPixel

These Lens Filters Have Prisms Built In for Creative Effects:

PrismLensFX has unveiled a set of Variable Prism Filters. These are lens filters with prisms built right into them for capturing creative effects in photos and videos.

I couldn’t see that these are available on Amazon, but, they make the most beautiful filters for cameras. Please go to their link: https://petapixel.com/2019/03/29/these-lens-filters-have-prisms-built-in-for-creative-effects/

The Prism filter is designed to create “stunning” flare and bokeh.
This filter does wonderful creative light creations. Check it out on their website.

special effects filters are one new way for you to have fun with photography. Click on this link: special effects filters and be prepared to be amazed.

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