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Probably the scariest thing that can happen to a new photographer who just purchased a SLR (Single lens reflex) camera is the settings on the camera.

Let’s look at each of these settings and help you out a bit.

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Automatic setting

This “auto” setting is the one setting most photographers will use until they understand all the others. It’s fine to use, but, as you go along, you will find it doesn’t always get the results you want.

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The “M” or “Manual” setting is where the creativity begins. In this mode you have to use the shutter speed dial, and the aperture setting to get what you want properly exposed. However, keep in mind that shutter speed control will give you a unique photo ability, and the aperture setting will give you a unique ability as well. We will go over those tomorrow.

A Simple Explanation of the Camera Mode Dial
The “Green” mode

Some cameras have an automatic mode called the “green” mode. It is the same as automatic, other than the camera manufacture programmed to recognize certain scenes and give you a better exposure, without you having to do anything.

Av Mode

Why these camera manufactures came up with some of these dial names is beyond me. But, the Av mode is “Aperture Value”. With this, if you understand what the aperture setting will do for you, you can set the aperture at your desired setting, and the camera will set the shutter speed automatically for you.

The Shutter speed mode

Tv, you guessed it: Time Value. This is the control where you can set the shutter speed at a certain setting, and the camera will set the aperture automatically to get the perfect exposure.

Camera Controls | Learn the Basics of Your Digital SLR Camera
All the mode settings on a DSLR camera

Then, all cameras seem to have these icons that will get you certain results. The head is for portraits, the mountains is for scenery, and flower is for close-ups, the guy running is for sports photography, and the starry, starry icon is for night photography and the crooked arrow with a line through it, means NO Flash.

All cameras have other buttons and settings on the camera, but, those are for convenience, and not necessarily to help with exposure. And every camera has something different on their camera to help you take better pictures.

Now, if you have any questions about your camera, then feel free to ask me any questions, and I will personally answer any question you have:

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