You know what I don’t like about pictures taken at the zoo? They look like they were taken at the zoo. Seriously, who wants to see an animal in a cage?

To get the best photos at the zoo, follow these guidelines :

1- Look around the cages and see if there is any angle that could eliminate the cage in the picture.

2- If you can’t take a picture without the fence or cage, then go up to the cage and shoot between the wires or bars.

3- What if there’s no way to take a picture without the fence? Then cut a hole in the fence! I AM KIDDING!! DO NOT EVER DESTROY PROPERTY TO GET A PHOTO. AND THAT MEANS, ALSO, DON’T TRESPASS OR WALK ON PLANTS OR FLOWERS TO GET A PICTURE.

brown primate hanging on tree
Photo by Cesar Aguilar on

I would say, unless you have some manual control on your cell phone, you are going to have the fence in the photo.

If you have a way to blur the background then do that. It will most likely blur the foreground or fence as well.

If your cell phone has actual aperture control or a way to set your f-stop, then set it on the lower number, like 1.8, 2.8, 3.5 and the “depth of field” can solve the problem.

4- Don’t take a picture of an animal while they are asleep (unless they are really cute). You have seen those adorable photos of puppies, cats, and other young animals. Those you can take pictures of. But really try to get a photo of an active animal.

yellow iguana on rock
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

5- Try getting photos that are different than all the other photos you’ve seen from the zoo. Close-up of faces, spots by the ear, whatever you find interesting.

When you take these kind of photos, you will find that you might get some recognition you haven’t had before.

6- With these steps, you will find photography to be fun. Taking pictures is really fun, because being creative is very fulfilling.

Here is just a few zoo pictures I found to be extraordinary :

brown monkey on brown tree branch
Photo by Erik Karits on
brown meercats
Photo by Mike on
red fox
Photo by Janko Ferlic on

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