Polarizing filter: without, and with.

Today’s subject is “why you should use a polarizing filter for all your scenery shots”, and part 2 tomorrow is: “When you shouldn’t use a polarizing filter”.

I have checked with a lot of professional photographers who take pictures of landscapes and scenery pictures. And I think almost all of them use a “circular polarizing filter”. And here is a list of the reasons why you should use a “circular polarizing filter”:

  1. The filter eliminates reflections off anything that reflects.
  2. The dust in the air reflects light, and causes a washed out look. Using the polarizing filter eliminates all the reflections of dust in the air, giving you bluer skies.
  3. Removes reflection even on glass
  4. All plants and mountains and grass all do a certain amount of reflections. Using a polarizing filter will make all growing things have a richer natural color.
  5. They also increase contrast in the sky by removing the reflections from dust and unknown particles in the sky.
Notice how reflections are cut off dramatically when using a polarizing filter.
Our own eyes see the photo on the left, with the reflections. Many fisherman buy Polarizing sunglasses so they can see the fish in the water. But, look at the photo on the right and see how the colors are enhanced, especially the sky.

The polarizing filter is a screw on filter that would just use the threads on the front of your lens. Once you have the right size circular polarizing filter on your lens, you will notice, that it can rotate. This is the part where you actually “Polarize the light” coming through your lens. And because you can see it through the camera, you just turn the filter until it gives you the perfect colors, and contrast that is really there for you to enjoy.

Imagine what a polarizing filter will do for your flower photos too!

Are there differences in polarizing filters? Yes, between brands, there is a difference and you should get a good name brand filter. If you don’t know what is a good brand, then contact me on my email at:

I have one photo, that I have taken with a polarizing filter. Hope you can see how beautiful a photo will turn out using this filter in your landscape photos:

Photo by Lanny Cottrell —- using a polarizing filter.

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