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Do you have someone to go with you when you go out on photo expeditions? Having two people or even 3 photographers, all going out together create some great advantages.

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Here is a list of the advantages of having a friend along:

  1. Gear Sharing – like me, my photography buddy uses a Canon DSLR. This means we can swap lenses and flashes throughout our shoots. I always borrow his 10-22mm lens and he’s always after my 70-200mm one.
  2. Company – I’m an introvert and enjoy my ‘alone time’ – especially when doing photography. However the social interaction around a shared passion is a great thing and adds an element of fun to my photography.
  3. Learning to See things differently – I’m constantly amazed by the way in which the two of us see things differently. My buddy and I have different styles and different ways of seeing the things around us. Working side by side each other I like to think that we rub off on each other and I’m sure that some of the shots I take are inspired by him.
  4. Learning new techniques – not only do we see things differently – we approach our photography differently also. My friend is very technical in his approach and I’m much more intuitive. He teaches me A LOT (and I hope I occasionally give him a helpful tip or two).
  5. Extra Pair of Hands – sometimes it’s handy to have an extra pair of hands when you’re out doing your thing. Whether it be someone to hold a reflector or off camera flash or someone to hold back a branch of a tree while you get your shot – having a buddy with you can be very handy.
  6. Double the Shots – when doing a job it’s very handy to have a buddy to work with as it doubles the shots that you take and means you can cover the same event from different angles. We did a wedding together once that illustrated this perfectly. We shot from opposite sides of the church and reception and used different lenses and the shots that we took complimented each other really well.
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