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Sometimes bad weather just interrupts time to go take photos. And now you are stuck home watching your children go out and play in the storm. Just what can you do when the weather won’t allow you to go photographing.


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For a once over, just take any old clean, damp rag and run it over your camera body, external parts of lenses, camera bag, tripod, flash gear, etc…. Get the dust and grime of what is likely the past year off most major surfaces. Then it’s time for the twice over, a more intense cleaning. For this you will need an array of cleaning tools such as cotton tip swabs, a toothbrush and some form of diluted soapy water. Now take a slow look over that camera body (with lens or body cap firmly in place) and get the dirt out of all the little cracks and grooves. You’ll be amazed at how dirty the toothbrush gets (and please make sure it’s an old toothbrush). A small buffing rag will help with the LCD. The swabs will clear up your eye piece and in general your camera will be much happier.

Continue on to the other gear, remembering to put some grease in the joints of your tripod if need be and especially so if you work around salt water. When done, let it all dry out before repacking. If you’re feeling adventurous, keep the camera body out for a sensor cleaning.


Chances are you have more than a few gigabytes of images stored on your computer or on disc some place. All unneeded images not only take up space, they cost money. The more you store, the more discs you will have to buy over time (or an external storage array) and the more you’ll have to backup. Keeping your image storage lean and mean also helps in the amount of time searches are performed as well as how fast indexing operations run. More data always equals more time.


Since you’re not outside right now shooting, where WOULD you like to be right now? Start planning your next shooting trip, whether it is to a neighbor’s garden or a three week trip across the world. Now is the best time to plan and start the research. is always a great place to start image searches. Just type in your anticipated locale and see what inspiration jumps off the screen. also offers a wide variety of images with great keywording to help you find what you’re looking for.

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Some of my best photos are taken in bad weather. Are you prepared enough to do this kind of photography? There is something beautiful about actually being out in the weather. If you are nervous about your camera equipment getting wet, then figure out a way to take pictures by first protecting your camera during the shoot, and /or getting a camera that is waterproof, just to do this.

This is a camera I have in my bag, for when I don’t want to worry about the weather.
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Looking for a particular photo subject? Use this amazing search section below:

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