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Can photography ever get boring? Do you just run out of ideas to photograph? There comes a point that some photographers just get tired of doing photography. I can’t imagine it yet, and I hope I don’t. But, I am involved with this blog for now, and it’s exciting to see the new developments in photography as well as the different ideas I see that keep my interests high.

If you are a professional photographer, somehow, I think you might be more susceptible to getting bored than the casual “advanced amateur” photographer. The professional takes pictures of the same thing, day in, day out. Working with people, if you are good at it, is not boring, so that may be the lifesaver for some portrait photographers. Do you think that just taking the same type of photos all the time would really slow you down? Let’s take a look at a list of things that might help you to stay involved in the photography world:

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  • TIME OF DAY: Don’t always take pictures during the day. Try some creative things with different lighting, night photography, sunsets, etc. This will stretch your creativity.
  • PARTICIPATE IN COMPETITIONS: Ever tried entering a photo contest? It is interesting to see who wins these, even if you don’t. And it’s good practice to try to create an award winning photo.
  • VISIT ZOOS: I think taking some time at the zoo is great practice. When I go, I always try to figure a way out to photograph the animals without it looking like they are in a cage. Try that.
  • SUBSCRIBE TO PHOTO MAGAZINES: Interesting how this medium has dwindled, but, the magazines that are still in print are amazing magazines. The magazine will keep you up to date with new equipment, and show different styles by different photographers, etc.

This is truly an amazing time to be in photography, because never has the competition between lens manufactures been so intense. There are new lenses coming out and available for every brand in different varieties. Now is the time to check out the availability of lenses.

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  • JOIN A PHOTO CLUB: This is one of my favorite things to promote. Find a photography club and join, and submit photos for competition. It’s amazing what will happen to your skill level.
  • READ BLOGS: Oh, like this one!!! Here you can find different articles about photography, and see what is happening in the photo world.
  • FINALLY: BUY A NEW CAMERA OR EQUIPMENT: This will get you excited about photography again. Check out some of the blogs on this website that introduces you to new cameras and equipment that just became available. Then try the new features on the new cameras or equipment. Either go to this website, or just search for a subject. This blogsite has over 1500 subjects, and all of them are different:


Generally, all images come with a spark of inspiration. Inspiration differs in each photographer. It is often difficult to stay with the same inspiration throughout your career. By adopting the above-suggested tips, a photographer can positively stay inspired throughout his/her career.

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