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One thing that is true with photography: hundreds or thousands of images stored on your hard drive. Do you really need them all?



One thing I found out to do with my collection of photos, is take them, that I can, and try a new approach through “lightroom” and see if I can create a whole new picture from them. See the old barn above, in the winter, lots of snow, and a perfect candidate to add fog to the picture. I have had great response from others in the “FACEBOOK GROUP”.

By the way, if you would like to share your photos, then follow the steps above. We welcome all good photographers!


Particularly when shooting landscapes, the whole process of creating an image should be part of the enjoyment and can be extremely calming and therapeutic.

It is really important to enjoy the moment.

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If you are on site early in the morning and you are the only person there, practice the art of looking and absorbing as you plan your image. If you were not a photographer, you would be in bed and would miss this wonderful experience.

Being out and about should be an essential part of enjoying the hobby.

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Likewise, enjoy the wonder of sunsets. Yes, you should get some good images, but that is only one part of what it takes to enjoy an environment that you can revisit time and again through your images.

The first person to impress with your image is you. If other people enjoy it, that’s a bonus

We should be making photographs for ourselves, for the enjoyment of experiencing nature and exploring the landscape—not to please someone else.

Keep tabs on your special images

As soon as you download your images onto your computer, run through them on a big screen. If any of them triggers a response from you, move it to a special folder. You will never see your images with such a fresh view again. If you mentally mark the good ones and try and find them later, you stand a good chance of forgetting many of them. (I speak from experience.) Chances are, unless you are very well organized, you will never look at any of the other images again.

You will, however, look at the ones you have selected.

One of my favorite night photos. Taken with my Samsung Note Ultra20 and amazed at the result.

Enhancing your images

Yes, it is worth it. How much you do is a personal matter, but my view is that less is often more. Color is like sound: it can be too loud. However, fundamentally, post-production is a crucial step to enjoying your hobby and it can be very rewarding.

Before post-processing
After post-processing

It is all about having fun and enjoying what you are doing.

One could write a book on this, but I hope that what is here has given you some ideas.


If you haven’t done this yet, try Facebook, or Instagram for a place to share your photos. You would be surprised at the positive feedback you will get. I find that people like Facebook, and Instagram even more, because they are waiting for your photos.

You can also join a group. 123PhotoGo has it’s own Facebook group, that photographers share their photos. It’s a good thing, and a way to learn from others.

Here is the details to connect to the 123Photogo group for sharing photos:

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