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This is the final segment on the series: “How to make money with Photography” There are 5 other parts to this, so go back to previous blogs and read the others.


Watching videos is an easy way to take in information and many prefer it to text. Billions of people visit YouTube each year, so it’s the perfect place to host a photography education or gear review channel.

The potential to make money ultimately comes down to the number of people that view your videos. As your viewer numbers increase, you’ll be able to sign up to affiliate programs that enable your YouTube channel to become an advertising platform.

There are a lot of YouTube channels already, so if you decide to do a YouTube channel, it will have to be good, full of information to succeed. I checked on several and this one is real good, if you want to use a comparison:

17- Specialize in a photography niche:

If you want to succeed in this program, you need to specialize in a particular subject of photography to really succeed. There are photographers who are wedding photographers, there are photographers who are children’s photographers, and there are those who specialize in school photos. But, if you want to succeed at this, you would have to pick one. You won’t be able to succeed doing several (or your chances aren’t as good, I should say).


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There are probably other ideas on photography niches, but, this should give you a good idea. If you think you are going to make money as a “landscape” artist, then, I can warn you now, there are millions of photographers who are trying to make that work. That is not a niche that you can sell, like portrait photography.

This concludes the series on: How to make money with photography! I hope you got some ideas you can work with. Good luck!

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