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When we talk about the rules to good photos, there is the usual rules of composition:

  • The rule of thirds
  • leading lines in your photo
  • Don’t center the subject
  • Use framing
  • And there is a few others that may or not be important.

But, then I found this photo and explanation by the Photographer: Ken Lee.

He has found that there will be obvious situations where you need to break the rules. Read through this carefully and see what you think:


I have a major theme through all my blogs, and I write about them often: THE ART OF SEEING:

I did a whole blog on this particular subject. For reference, go to:


There is a list of a few rules of composition at the top of this page. Also, to go over some of the rules of composition, go to:

The reason you want to know the rules of composition are this: Once you know the rules, and you go to take your photo, can you do the photo within the bounds of the rules of composition? If not, then it’s ok to take a photo, if you feel that the photo will be better by not going by the rules. That is the whole reason for this blog today, and using the quote from Mr. Lee above, is BREAK THE RULES IS OK. But, if you don’t know the rules of composition, then you may make a bunch of mistakes because you took the photo and broke the rules, and it looks awful.


I once judged a state fair and was to pick the photos who should take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the competition. Once I had completed the job, one of the photographers in the “Professional” division was not happy that his photo was not chosen. He went to the Fair Officials and said the judges were incapable of picking good photos. The Fair board officials told him that I had been judging photos for years, and they were standing by me.

His photo could have been better. And I didn’t pick the photo because it could have followed the rule of thirds and be a better picture. Some people, including those who think they are professionals, don’t know the rules. So, The rules of composition are important. But, if you must break any of the rules of composition, and it turns out better, then it will be noticed as a great photo.

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