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woman using canon dslr camera
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I admire people who have taken the plunge to buy a DSLR camera or a new Mirrorless camera system. Somewhere in my mind, I think that you are an artist, or want to become an artist. That is why you bought that camera, because you want to create something more than what your cell phone can do.

screen of photo camera with photo of chocolate cupcakes
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

But, what does all this mean on my camera? How come my photo didn’t turn out like I thought? What kind of lens should I use? Why does this flash system make my photos look worse? And on, and on? Questions are how we learn.

123PhotoGo has different options to get in touch with someone.

  1. If you want to try to just search for a subject, there is the most incredible search system on this website. Just type in your subject here, and watch how many related articles come up to your subject or question:

2- You want more than just a search program, I have an email in which you can contact me for any questions related to photography: Email me at: question.123photogo@123photogo

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