Photo by Joren Aranas on Unsplash – This photo was found on the free photo website: “Unsplash” where photographers share their photos and just looking for some recognition. I am glad to recognize this amazing black and white photo.
Photo by Ian Parker on Unsplash — What makes this photo so amazing, is that we have all see something like this in color. But, in black and white, it’s even more dramatic. How perfect the exposure is as well. Shows off what light there is very well.
Photo by Jack Chamberlin —- Jack is one of my favorite photographers. On Facebook, he is always putting on some amazing black and white photos. Interesting enough is that he uses infrared technology to create the black and whites that he does. The contrast that infrared puts out is amazing, but, Jack has truly made this an art. He is one that you could follow on Facebook. Just go to:
This is another amazing photo from Jack Chamberlin. He titles this photo “Dragon Landings”. I love the sepia tone he put to this photo, and it makes the cut to be in our annual exhibit.
Photo by Andrew Whitmore —– To get some really sharp black and white photos, you certainly can’t go wrong with photos of architecture. Actually, I went through a lot of architectural photos before I selected one, and this one from Andrew Whitmore one best black and white architectural photo.
Photo by Drew Hays —— I don’t normally pick many portraits as a great black and white photo, but, there were a lot of portraits this time that are just winning black and white portraits. The exposure, the use of light, all that is what makes this photo a great photo / portrait.

In case you missed it, I did an article titled: “Reasons to Try Black and White”. If you haven’t taken any or only a few black and white photos, go to: and read this great article about black and white making a big comeback, and why.

Photo by Everton Vila – With this dark background and the white wedding dress, this seemed to be a natural to be a great black and white photo. No face showing with this, just a beautiful dress, and accentuated with the dark background. Truly a winning photo.
Photo by Geran De Kler for Unsplash —- As I looked at this photo, I actually had a hard time seeing this in color. It’s like the cat just came out of the dark to come and attack you. What a great photos of a battle-torn leopard.
Photo by Gian D – How dare I take a flower and award it as a winner in a black and white exhibit. Yup! I did it. The fun thing about this photo is that it is just starkly beautiful without color, and now it leaves you guessing what color it is.
Photo by Gift Habeshaw —– Here is another portrait, and I think it is actually a self portrait, I could be wrong, but, I was impressed with how careful he was with the lighting. And especially to highlight the hair like he did, truly makes this a great portrait / black and white winning photo.
Photo by Glen Carrie — We have had a few real dark photos above, and now this one that comes out really light. This is one of those photos that does amazingly well with “negative space”. I think this is just a classy photo and I can see this one hanging on a wall.

Want to see last years winning black and white photos? I have a special page we post these winning photos for 1 year. So, these photos are about to be taken down from the main menu page. But, until January 15th, 2022, these photos will be on display, and then removed so these photos will go in it’s place. Go to: to see more amazing black and white photos.

Photo by Jakub Kolesa – from Unsplash —— Winter can be such a great time to do black and white photos. The snow white covering and the dark wood on the trees, makes it an easy job. Love the composition on this photo. The fog and mist makes it even a better photo.
Photo by Joakim Honkasalo – When we get into the night photos, capturing the light is an amazing way to make it happen. This is called “Seeing the light” or “seeing the Art”. Well done photo. By the way, if this was taken with color, the lighting would have a real weird color. Black and white was definitely the choice here.
Photo by Jorge Salvador – —- – Another great photo of a tree with the mist or fog in the background. It just tends to blur out the background so nicely that it makes the tree look like it’s having a portrait done.
Photo by Nathan Duimeo —– I didn’t see a title to this photo, but, I would probably title it: “Working Hands”. And with this being in black and white, makes these hands look more dirty, more worn, etc. Black and white makes this photo work so well. Perfect choice to do this in black and white.

Did you know that black and white is becoming so popular that there are 2 camera manufactures making a camera that strictly shoots in black and white? You have to read about this: go to:

Photo by Paolo Aguilar – For Unsplash —– I don’t know if this photo was taken a hundred years ago or just recently. And that is the beauty of this photo. To recreate a photo just like it was a hundred years ago, when all there was, was black and white. A beautiful portrait of a newlywed couple, this photo does amazingly well for creating the perfect black and white photo.
Photo by Shahin Kahalji —– This photo was my first pick to go in this gallery today. The exposure on this photo was so perfect. A lot of times when photos of people are done in black and white, their skin tones are white. And this one has a beautiful gray tone in which to give it the look of a perfect exposure. So, this is one amazing portrait.
Photo by Simon Lohmann —– I don’t know where this is, but, it is some amazing architecture of some place that has amazing shaped buildings. And that makes it look so good this way. A mighty nice capture of abstract shapes. This link is the key to losing weight and enjoy it while you do it. Don’t miss this opportunity to finally look the way you want to. Click the link in red.

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