Olympus Camera introduces a Winner

New Olympus OM-1 shocks the world.

I was invited to see Olympus Camera introduce a new Flagship camera, the OM-1 online yesterday, and to those who reviewed the camera with the rest of the world, we did not come out disappointed. A true powerhouse of a camera that says: OLYMPUS IS A CAMERA THAT CAN COMPETE WITH THE BEST!


Sony, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, have all come out in the last year with incredible new flagship cameras. Those who want to stay in that race will have to keep introducing cameras that will compete with each other. And this Olympus camera is one camera that fits in with the other “big boys” too.

New Olympus OM-1 shocks the world


OM Digital Solutions has announced the Olympus OM-1 – a computational photography focused camera that can shoot bursts at up to 120fps, capture 4K 60p ProRes Raw video, is the world’s first camera to feature Cross Quad Pixel AF and the world’s only system camera to boast IP53 weather sealing.

Now I know Nikon has video that shoots in 8K video and all the other ones shoot 4K, including the Olympus, but, 8K is not something that people are looking for in their home or profession. Besides 8K video will eat up your storage space twice as fast as 4K. My Monitor at home does 4K, and it is amazing. I am sure 8K is even better, but, really, 4K is breathtaking already.

I chose to look at the features that make the Olympus camera and 4 new lenses more amazing than anyone else:

  1. The Computational Photography focused camera that has my interest a lot. At the introduction meeting they were showing how this camera can take pictures of moving objects better than any other camera. That’s thanks to the new stacked sensor combined with the new image processor, which also powers the ferocious autofocus system. Thanks to new AI Detect deep learning AF and the quad pixel sensor, the OM-1 is three times faster and three times better at recognizing and tracking cars, planes, birds, canines and felines.
  2. And to also get an IP53 rating on the weather sealing is beyond amazing, and what’s even more amazing, they introduced, I think at least 3 new lenses that have the same rating. No camera brand has that rating.
Olympus comes up with the highest rating of weatherproof sealing along with at least 3 lenses!

3. The historical disadvantage when it comes to low light performance has also been addressed by the new technology, with OM Digital promising that the new sensor is capable of “35mm equivalent sensor performance”. That’s backed up by an increased ISO range of 200-102,400, along with a claimed 2-stop improvement in noise performance and a 1-stop boost to dynamic range.

4. The Olympus camera now has the fastest motor drive available on any camera. Check this out: The heart of the Olympus OM-1 is a brand new, stacked, backside illuminated, 20.4MP Live MOS sensor. The stacked construction enables ridiculously fast readout speeds, enabling the camera to shoot stills at up to 120fps in single AF, and up to 50fps with continuous AF.

And the camera now has a price point to be a better competition than the other camera manufactures. This comes in at $2199.00 Us Dollars. This camera will be available in early March.

Having owned the original Olympus OM-1, I sense a higher than normal excitement for this camera. I was very impressed with the quality of my original camera, and reading about this camera, it looks like it won’t be a disappointment.

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