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As the top half of the world goes into spring and then summer, a lot of photographers are hoping they get out and take some incredible photos of Wildlife. Granted, these are exciting photos, but, if there is one thing you can do to increase the value of your wildlife photos, then capture those eyes!


It seems it’s not so easy to capture the eyes on animals. You can’t just say: “Hey! Look here!” What you will need to do is to develop a certain amount of patience with your photo, but, make sure the eyes are in focus. Without that, your photo could lose it’s “grab”. (Grabbing attention from animals is what you want) When you have an animal that is within voice distance, then, depending on the animal, you may need to make a soft sound, not a sharp, noisy sound, but something that will get them to turn their head towards you.


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Some animals work best by getting a side-shot of their head, because their eyes are on the side of their head. But, sometimes it can be more effective if the animal is looking in a different direction.

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To get this right, watch your lighting very carefully (as you should in all photos). To begin with, photograph your subjects when the light is soft and even to eliminate harsh shadows across the face of the subject. This is a simple matter of shooting early or late in the day when the sun is low, or on cloudy days when shadows are not a problem.

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Breaking the rules

As with all photography, these rules for getting the best photos of the animals with eyes, can be broken if you have an opportunity where the photo can look as good if not better without the eyes. You have to be the judge, but look for those opportunities to get the best picture you can.

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