body of water under cloudy sky during daytime
Photo by InstaWalli on


If I could choose what I want in all my landscape photos, it would be CLOUDS! Clouds add so much to the most boring photo that it should be something that would get you out of the house and go take some photos.

The proper use of clouds in an image can add texture, dimension, and drama to many photos, while enhancing or serving as an additional storytelling feature for your main subject. One of my own favorite landscape photos is one I took in the fall, and the clouds just added to the fall colors:

Photo by Lanny Cottrell photography – Editor of 123PhotoGo

As I look at this photo, and trying to decide if the photo would have been ok without the clouds, I just think maybe, but the clouds added so much more to the composition of this photo.


Photo by Lanny Cottrell photography – editor of 123photogo

Sunset photos without clouds is just boring. Clouds always makes better sunset photos. Often, if we see clouds in the sky at 4pm, we will grab our camera and head to the large lake in our area and get ready for the show.


man in gray shit sitting on rock boulder
Photo by Daffa Rayhan Zein on
view of cityscape
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on
close up photo of coconut tree
Photo by Suparerg Suksai on

Some of the best photos you ever take are photos that tell stories. You can’t always order clouds that produce storms, or tornadoes, but if you are one that watches the weather, you should be able to capture some great “story-telling photos”.

Making clouds work for you in this way usually requires a little bit of planning, some location scouting (always fun!), the right subject, and, course, keeping a sharp eye on the sky for weather that will produce great clouds.

When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.

–Robert Frank

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