Yes, this was shot by a Samsung S22ultra at night!


Phone cameras are getting so good, that many photographers are using them alongside their regular camera. I have often been without my camera for some crazy reason, and have taken impressive photos with my Samsung S20ultra. The Samsung is probably well known, right now, as the best cell phone camera out there. And looking at what I have done, and now seeing this photo by Brent Hall, I am convinced that you can take pretty good photos. Would I trade in my DSLR Canon yet? No, and I don’t see that happening that soon either. But, what I do like is that if I don’t have my camera bag, I can take photos with my cell phone and get amazing photos.

With these incredible specs, Brent Hall is able to shoot the Milky Way and showcase the natural beauty of New Mexico, USA, where he lives using nothing but the camera in his pocket.

Photo by Brent Hall

“I started realizing the power of phone photography when the Galaxy Note 8 came out. That was a first for me as a professional photographer – having multiple lenses on the phone and a pretty good Pro Mode let me really take control of creating images.”

Using your phone to take photos can really streamline the process, and there are so many good editing apps that you can do it all from your palm – there’s no need to transfer big files or convert from RAW to JPEG, which will save you time. 


Some of the best photo apps, such as Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed and Expert RAW will enable you to give your images a really professional finish by adjusting things like brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can even apply a color grade for that cinematic feel. 

Photo by Brent Hall

If you’re into photography, regardless of whether you own a camera or not, smartphones have made the art form more accessible for everyone. While some old-fashioned photographers may argue that it’s taking away from the pros, Brent is very much a supporter of people getting into photography this way.

“I think it’s amazing that smartphones are getting so innovative with their cameras, sensors and capabilities. It really helps bring out the creativity in everyone. It drastically lowers that traditional monetary barrier to entry for photography in that you don’t have to run out and buy a camera body with different lenses and computers and expensive editing software just to get started. All that stuff is in your pocket now, and it’s fantastic.”


And don’t just take Brent Hall’s word for it. I, too, have been using my photo for photography for some time. Here are just some examples:

Photo taken by Lanny Cottrell, editor of 123photogo. Check out the detail in the flowers. The rich color made it look great as well.
Photo taken by Lanny Cottrell – editor of 123Photogo – Even twilight photos work with cell phone photography.
Photo taken by Lanny Cottrell – editor of 123Photogo.

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