The new Olympus System OM5 introduced!

The OM System OM-5 is the next camera expected from OM Digital Solutions – the new owner of the Olympus camera division. And we already know quite a few leaked details about the new body, including when it’s coming, what sensor it has and even some of the AF tricks it’ll have.  Olympus has enough backing to make these new cameras unique, and something photographers will want.

First of all, I have mentioned before that I worked in a large camera store for over 20 years, and Olympus was a real good camera. In fact, I owned an original OM-1 and loved it. I was excited to see the new OM-1 earlier this year.

And now with technology changing rapidly in the digital cameras, this new OM-5 will be worth the wait. Check out the details we know so far:

OM System OM-5 specs

The outlet Rumors says the new camera will feature the same 20.4MP stacked image sensor as the OM-1. However, where the flagship is capable of up to 120fps shooting, the site claims that the OM-5 will shoot at 15fps – a carryover of the top speed of the E-M5 Mark III (when not shooting in Pro Capture, where it hits 30fps).

This would certainly help prevent cannibalism between the two lines, as Olympus previously struggled to differentiate the midrange E-M5 and professional E-M1 lines. However, with the Panasonic GH6 (See: HERE ) offering higher 25.2MP resolution, it does risk the OM-5 losing a little ground to its rival. 

That said, the site reports that the OM-5 will have AI subject tracking – a technology that had previously been exclusive to the flagship E-M1 / OM-1 line. Still, with the rumor that the OM-5 will have a single card slot, the OM-1 will remain the obvious choice for professionals.

Also being reported by 43 Rumors is that the OM-5 will use the same BLX-1 battery as the OM-1 – ideal for unifying production, but less ideal for any upgrading E-M5 users (who already had to change battery types from the Mark II to the Mark III).


The OM System OM-5 is said to be due for an announcement in September 2022, with shipping due to begin in October. 

This would continue the shift away from the E-M5’s traditional February window (which saw the launch of the original camera and the Mark II), following the November launch of the E-M5 Mark III in 2019. 

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