10 characteristics of a great photo:

A beautiful but simple photo!

Programmers have been around a long time. Long enough that they all have a general consensus of what it takes to get a really great photo. One that brings emotions from the viewer.

I am going to go over the 10 steps to create the perfect photos, one that brings emotions when you look at them.

1- Perfect composition.

Perfect composition will be a winner every time.

There are several rules to composition and the “rule of thirds” is the first one photographers will try to use first.

Just draw 2 imaginary lines across the image horizontally, then draw 2 lines vertically across the image. Those intersecting lines is where you should put your main subject. Somehow, if you put the subject in the center, the photo seems statically off. Work on this idea alone and your photos will get noticed.

2- Display of Emotion:

Emotion is felt by everyone.

As human beings, we are drawn to emotion. Whether we’re laughing or crying, emotion ties each and everyone of us together. Images that capture genuine displays of emotion often prove timeless, and these meaningful moments will always capture the audience’s attention.

It takes great skill to work with people and maybe with animals in order to get the perfect photo. Sometimes, this type of photo may happen accidentally, so always have your camera ready.

3- Simple Story Telling.

Storytelling is a fun challenge and so rewarding.

Some of the greatest images simply tell a story. Rather than relying on great composition or featuring other unique characteristics, they instead focus on storytelling. Some of the best storytelling images are found in the news and other sources of photojournalism. From the triumphant shout of a newly crowned sports champion to a protester standing in front of a tank in the Tiananmen Square massacre, these images capture and freeze moments in history for everyone to become a witness.

4- Elliptical storytelling:

This is still telling a story, but you have to complete the story yourself.

Most images that tell a story are already worthwhile, but images that tell stories while leaving something to the viewer’s imagination are even better. You’ve probably heard people say that the book is always better than the movie because it allows us to use our imagination to create the most amazing and personalized special effects in our minds. Images that leave something to the imagination tend to do the same thing. They offer just enough information to fuel our imagination as we fill in the missing pieces.

5- Iconic Moments

Capturing moments like this are iconic and so memorable.

When capturing an iconic moment, you are capturing a moment created or modeled after meaningful moments in pop culture and/or history. Whether it is a reproduction of a scene from a classic movie or a moment based around something trendy, these shots allow the audience to feel emotionally connected to the moment within the imagery.

6- Unique Moments:

Capturing unique moments will be in your memory forever.

What’s an easy way to create an interesting image? Simple, shoot something that is unique to the respective audience. For example, while a Christian wedding may seem quite common in the United States, a traditional Hindu wedding isn’t so common and therefore is automatically more interesting to an audience in the states. Other unique moments might reveal themselves during unusual events or at one-of-a-kind locations.

7- Juxtaposed / Contrasting concepts:

The image above was shot at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center against a graffiti-esque wall mural. The dapper wardrobes of the bride and groom in this editorial style shot contrasts well against the painted background.

8 – Unique Lighting and Color

Lighting and color is really where a lot of great images start. Great lighting can turn a mundane scene into an amazingly colorful scene full of texture and life. In nature, these types of scenes happen all the time during sunrise and sunset, and while we can’t control the lighting of those fleeting moments, if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you just may be able to capture it (see point number six above). However, we can control and create unique lighting on our own with the proper knowledge using off camera lighting, flashes and more.

In both these pictures, the object was to find something really colorful, not just a snail, but a colorful snail. And not just a door, a colorful door. Look for colors that just stand out, and people will like it because it is so colorful.

9 – Attention To Detail

In our time and society where everything is about speed and efficiency, images that capture overlooked detail can be enough to make someone stop to smell the roses. While pictures of unique and unseen detail is amazing and breathtaking, you can often get the same reaction out of your audience by simply shooting the detail in everyday life.

This detail image of a bride’s shoes was captured on a hotel tabletop during a wedding in Huntington Beach. The dramatic lighting and reflective surface elevate this photo to a product shot you might expect to see in an ad for the shoes.

How many times do you walk by an older building and noticed it’s unique architecture? Look at it closely, and then try to figure out how to take a photo of it. Would side-lighting be more effective because it brings out the texture even more. Look around you as you walk around. You will be amazed at what you find that most people would take for granted.

10 – Unique Perspective:

Your lens is able to capture some amazing things. But so many times we take our photos at eye level. What does it look like when you take a photo from a different angle?

Look for different ways to get a new perspective on photos that people take all the time, but yours is different.

Perspective. How many people see a horse? But how many people see the eye of the horse. That is the perspective you want to get.

Portions of this article were taken from an article by: Christopher Lin

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