TOP 10 Mirrorless cameras in Japan:

Is Canon still King in Japan?

Canon owns the top 3 spots in 2022’s best-selling mirrorless cameras in Japan so far

The list of Japan’s 10 best-selling mirrorless cameras of 2022, from January through June, has just been published by market data number cruncher BCN Retail.  

Canon being at the top of the sales charts isn’t really a huge surprise. It is, after all, the biggest camera manufacturer in the industry, with a stranglehold that stretches across DSLR’s, Mirrorless cameras, compacts, PTZ’S … if it’s got a camera in it, and it’s not a phone, chances are Canon sells it (and lots of it). 

However, as always, this chart serves as an important reminder as to which cameras the majority of the market actually buys – not the cameras that we, as photography and videography experts, think people are buying. More’s the point, it’s a reminder to anyone who questions why Canon still persists with its EOS M system of just how irrepressibly popular these cameras are. 

Canon EOS M50 Mk II


The Canon EOS M50 Mk II holds the top two spots in the charts, for its white and black colorways. And the original Canon EOS M50 comes in at number 10, proving that there is a ridiculous amount of life left in the manufacturer’s original APS-C mirrorless models – despite the launch of the Canon EOS R7 and Canon EOS R10.

And at number three, it’s another Canon – this time the Canon EOS RP, one of only two full frame camera on the list, the other being the SONY A7 IV. And that’s a critical takeaway, here: seven of the ten cameras in this list are APS-C, and one the OLYMPUS PEN E PL10 is Micro Four Thirds.

That said, it’s interesting to see that APS-C specialist Fujifilm is nowhere to be seen, with even the Nikon Z-50 making an appearance at the expense of a single X-series camera. 

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1) CANON EOS M50 MARK II (Double Zoom Kit) White
2) Canon EOS M50 Mark II (Double Zoom Kit) Black
3) CANON EOS RP W/ 24-105 ZOOM Kit)
4) OLYMPUS PEN E-PL10 (EZ Double Zoom Kit) White
6) SONY A6100 2 LENS KIT
7) NIKON Z-50 (double Zoom Kit)
8) SONY A 6400 (Double Zoom Lens Kit) Silver
9) Sony A6400 (Double Zoom Lens Kit) Black
10) CANON EOS M50 (Double Zoom Kit) White

Interesting to see the different colors in there as the winning models. Are we missing something by always buying black cameras. I have owned a white camera before (Minolta SE with 2 lenses – in white) and I loved that camera, loved the look, and loved the results I got from it.

From the place where cameras are supreme, it is also interesting to see which camera is the most popular. And if you thought Nikon was the king everywhere, we are really mistaken on that as well.

This article was originally written by James Artaius from Digital Camera World.

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