Camera lenses come in a variety of different lens manufactures


We live in a wonderful world in photography. Absolutely one of the most rewarding things you can do to your photography is to have more than one lens in your arsenal. When you first get your camera kit, you usually get a lens that can be made very inexpensively from the actual camera manufacture. And then you find out that there are other lenses that will help you do some photography things you only dreamt about. Telephoto, wide angle, macro, and even some specialty lenses are available.

Then the next challenge in photography:

And so the next challenge in your photography decisions comes along. You find out that there are other brands of lenses besides the name brand lens for your camera. Many of the good 3rd party lens manufactures make great lenses, and they are usually priced much lower than the Camera Makers lenses.


Sigma Lenses has been around a long time. They even make lenses for an American photo company: Ritz Camera and Wolf Camera. These lenses will be under the Quantaray brand. The Quantaray brand will be under a limited production.

I was checking a question asked to Google in my research, and someone asked Google if Sigma Lenses were as good as the Camera Brand Lenses, and the reply was yes. But, here is something that Sigma has done, I think, to make a real name for themselves. And that is they now produce a lens line they call the ”SIGMA ART” lenses. Made to more stricter standards, and using more quality coatings, and materials, they are now proven to be better than even the name brand lenses. Extremely sharp, and the color renditions are so spot on. If I was about to purchase a new lens now, I would love to have the new Sigma Art Lenses.

Sigma makes a lot of different lenses. I am going to give you the link to their website so you can see all the different lenses they make, and you could learn even more about Sigma:

GO TO: https://www.sigmaphoto.com/lenses


Tamron is very much like Sigma in their lens quality. Within the last few years, Sony has purchased part ownership of Tamron Lens Company. So does that mean that the lenses that Sony uses are made by Tamron? I can’t confirm that, however, they have a special lens package for Sony Cameras. It is very possible that Tamron is making the lenses for Sony Cameras. Of course they still make lenses for Nikon, Pentax, Canon, in all their variety. I have sold these lenses before and found their lenses superb as well. Want to learn more about Tamron Lenses, Go to: https://tamron-usa.com/


Samyang Lenses are manufactured in South Korea. They have been around making lenses since 1972. Not as long as the other 2 manufactures, but that is ok. They have proven to be one of the lens manufactures here to stay, and have a lot of high quality lenses. They also make lenses for other Camera Companies such as: Rokinon, Bower, Opteka, Vivitar, Phoenix and Quantaray. If you have ever looked at any of these lenses, you will realize that they are quality lenses.

Here is their website so you can see how they stack up as well: https://www.samyanglens.com/en/index.php

Whatever your choice in lenses, go out and create a story with your photography!

Here is list of 3rd part lens manufactures and the types of lenses available.

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