Wonderful new products coming in September:

As of right now, there are several manufactures who are introducing new products in September. As of right now, this is what we know:

1- New Fuji X-H2 camera

New Fuji X-H2 camera

This camera could be the big one for Fuji. Shutter speeds to 1/180,000 second, 40MP sensor, Video filming at 8K, and that is all we know through the rumors that will happen to this camera. Details coming September 8th.

2- New Sony Xperia cell phone coming September 1st

New Sony Xperia Cell phone

Sony is not one to disclose some of their product details, but, it’s just a few days away, we will give you the full report when available.

3- Tamron 50-400mm zoom lens for Sony FE

New Tamron 50 – 400 mm for Sony FE

Only 7.2 inches long.

With the Tamron brand now partly owned by Sony, we are seeing new and exciting lenses coming for Sony owners. This new 50-400 mm looks amazing, and measures on 7.2 inches long. This is set to be released on September 22nd.

4- Apple iPhone 14 releases on September 7th

New Apple iPhone 14 coming soon.

Could this be the first cell phone to offer Astro Photography?

Apple releases the model 14, just after the 13 was released 6 months ago. For those who want to keep up with Apple, this new phone has some changes that Apple lovers will enjoy.

There is rumor that this will be the first cell phone designed for Astro Photography. Wait till it’s release before we know details here.

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