Pentax introduces a limited supply K3 Mark III body in jet black finish. Image credit Ricoh Imaging

The beloved Pentax K3 III body in Black on Black introduced:

The K-3 Mark III JET BLACK Edition is a limited-edition, special design model that has all the features and specs of the standard K-3 Mark III in a sleek all-black finish.

With its unique monochromatic design, the PENTAX logo, SR logo and indicators on the mode dial are in black, while the K-3 Mark III logo and operation parts, such as the markings on 4-way key on the back of the camera body are in charcoal black. This color allows the markings to remain inconspicuous but can be easily seen by adjusting the light.

By paying close attention to details, the K-3 Mark III JET BLACK Edition is a true black body that blends into the darkness yet stands out in the crowd.

Pentax Brand:

Image credit: Ricoh Imaging

The PENTAX brand has brought optical products, including SLR cameras, interchangeable lenses, and binoculars to the world for over 100 years. As a pioneer of SLR cameras, we have created numerous innovations in the history of cameras, creating an era in which everyone around the world became familiar with photography and enjoyed taking pictures. In the digital era. we will continue to challenge the new future of D-SLR cameras for people who enjoy the fun and depth of photography as an important hobby which enriches their lives, and the experience of the entire photography process.

Unique Monochromatic Design:

Image Credit: Ricoh Imaging

The PENTAX logo, SR logo and indicators on the mode dial are in black, matching the color of the camera body.

Image Credit: Ricoh Imaging

The K-3 Mark III logo on the front of the camera and the markings on the controls on the top of the camera and the 4-way key on the back of the camera are in charcoal black.  This color allows the markings to remain inconspicuous but can be easily seen by adjusting the light.

High-performance viewfinder

Image credit: Ricoh Imaging

The PENTAX K-3 Mark III features a high-performance viewfinder with a high-refraction glass pentaprism to provide approximately 1.05-times magnification (with an FA 50mm F1.4 lens set at infinity). Despite the compact, lightweight APS-C-format SLR body, it delivers a truthful, wide-view image equal to that of a full-frame SLR, and helps you to become more fully immersed in the photo-shooting process.
This viewfinder also provides an almost 10-percent increase in brightness, thanks to the improved reflectance of the pentaprism, while also assuring a nearly 100-percent field of view. By incorporating a distortion-compensating optical element and optimizing the lens coatings, it provides natural, true-to-life image rendition with high-magnification observations.

High-speed drive system

Image credit: Ricoh Imaging

Thanks to the combination of a newly developed mirror and shutter driving unit and the high-speed, high-performance PRIME V imaging engine, the PENTAX K-3 Mark III provides a high-speed drive system with a maximum speed of approximately
12 images per second in the AF.S mode, or approximately 11 images per second in the AF.C mode. This system lets you capture a momentary expression of the subject, which couldn’t otherwise have been captured by previous models.

High-precision autofocus system

Image provide by Pentax / Ricoh Imaging

The number of focus points in the PENTAX K-3 Mark III have been increased to 101, from 27 in the PENTAX K-3 II. The AF area also has been greatly expanded. Of 41 user-selectable points,* 25 are cross-type sensors. This high-density AF system enhances the flexibility of image composition, while optimizing focusing accuracy on the subject. Since its middle focus point is designed to detect an F2.8 luminance flux, the camera assures super-high-precision focusing when using a bright lens with an open aperture of F2.8 or larger.


A recent article I read about Pentax, stated that this camera is the finest on the market. While all other brands are going mirrorless, Pentax remains true to the DSLR format. Pentax has been known for major development in cameras for many years, and this K3 Mark III camera is the result of perfection. A larger imaging sensor than any mirrorless camera, and with the developments of Image sensor continued sharpness, it goes without saying that once you have reached perfection, why would you change anything.

If you are looking for a true “purist” camera system, then this Pentax camera is it. I have been a Pentax fan for a long time and love the results shot with Pentax. If you have not considered a Pentax, you should. Look over the specs and try it out, and you will agree.


  1. Iam feel very Happy By this Pentax Has been Re Enter in New Look.Iam Fan for Pentax we have Good jurney with Pentax K1000 an initial stage of our photographic professional life.

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