Learn the basics of “Image Sensors”

Image sensor inside your camera(s). Image credit: YMCinema.com

Why talk about sensors?

My last blog I talked about how image sensors are all different sizes depending on which camera model you buy. I also mentioned that the full frame DSLR has the biggest image sensors in their cameras, and common logic would tell me that the image sensor in a DSLR would be the better choice.

Why does every photographer, who knows about photography, greatly desire to own either a Fuji or Hasselblad large sensor camera? Because they can create the sharpest image ever because it is so much bigger than the typical DSLR or Mirrorless cameras. It is factual that the bigger the image sensor, the sharper your image is. And sure they are making higher resolution sensors for the smaller mirrorless cameras, but they are also making improvement all the time in the bigger sensor cameras, like Pentax, and Canon’s own DSLR cameras.

Video explaining the image sensor:

Video compliments of “TechQuickie”

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