Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography

Our annual trip into the mountains in autumn were rewarded nicely:

When autumn comes to Utah, all photographers make their way up into the mountains to get their share of color photos. This year, my wife and I (Sandy), took the route up Ogden Canyon, over Trappers Loop, through Morgan city on to East Canyon reservoir and then up to the top of Emigration Canyon. We were very delighted with the colors this year and wanted to share some photos of the trip.

Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography

Our first stop was at Pineview Reservoir. Just happened to have a boat come and pose for me. But the hills were alive with color, and more important we felt the sky was just extra blue. There was a slight breeze and that blew out any pollution around this area.

Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography

The shimmer of light on the lake

The above photo was taken of East Canyon reservoir. The light was shimmering on the lake and the surrounding mountains and shoreline was just amazing. You can also see some boats on the lake. Fishing is supposed to be good at this reservoir, although we did not see anyone catch a fish.

Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography

Emigration Canyon with the roads below

I love how this photo turned out. Each mountain range had a different color, different trees, and far in to the distance is Salt Lake City. That seemed, obviously, covered in a little smog. That also made the farthest mountain a bit in the misty look.

Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography

I have to get a close-up photo of the leaves

As a photographer, it is important to get a picture of details as well. My favorite tree is the “Quaking Aspen” with it’s white bark, beautiful colors of fall leaves, and we also have maple trees mixed in with this one.

Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography

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