How many blogs can one site do on photography?

Photo by Bulbul Ahmed on Unsplash


We live in a high tech world. And photography and the camera manufactures are constantly coming up with new products, new ideas, and new information about how to get professional looking photos. And a person like me feels the need to keep up to the technology, and the tools for the photographer to enjoy their hobby or profession.

I will provide constant updates on camera equipment:

I am not sure how many camera manufactures there are. As soon as I think I have all the manufactures covered, I discover another new one. For instance: I just found that now you can shoot instant film with a camera that uses Canon Lenses. Imaging being able to take a photo and have the image come out in print, right there, and if you need to put a different lens on, you can do that. I didn’t even know that camera existed. (Stay with this blog as I will present all I know about this newly discovered brand in a special blog).

Helping photographers understand good composition:

There are rules to good composition. I will go over the details of how to make better photos by teaching the fundamentals of good composition.

Special tools to help if you have questions:

You will notice at the bottom of each blog, a “comment” section. If you would like to ask a question there, or if you want to make it more personal, I have a special email that I can answer questions. Go to:

What do good photos look like?

At the top of this website’s main page, there is a menu that includes, for now, a black and white gallery of top photos found on the internet. This will give you a great example of what great photography looks like. Here is a quick link to this site so you can view these amazing images:

See what other good photographers are doing:

I occasionally get photographers who might want to display their photos, get a biography of themselves and how they got involved in photography, etc. (example, See:

Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography


This is a great place to learn about photography. It is an ever changing subject, and new technology happening all the time. Never before has it been so exciting to be a photographer. Stay with us and learn, and then have fun.

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