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Sony’s new camera comes with new technology:

It seems like Sony is upgrading their flagship or top of the line camera quite often. When someone invents something for cameras, and Sony thinks it’s amazing to add, the camera gets a new “series” number. This model just introduced is now the “series V”. This camera has proven itself over the last 4 series, they might as well keep the series going just change some things in the new model. As a Sony owner, you can decide if you need the series V or stay with your current model I, II, III, or IV.

Improvement on the megapixel rating?

This camera has the highest resolution sensor available for full frame cameras. It’s matched by the Sigma fp L and Leica M11, but there’s nothing that offers more megapixels in this format. Some will have hoped for yet more from Sony’s resolution specialist, but 61MP is arguably enough – especially with Sony’s improved 240MP Pixel Shift Multi Shooting mode.

Sony’s new Focus feature is insane:

The bigger news is Sony’s new AI-powered AF system, driven by its own bespoke AI processing unit. This increases the range of subjects the camera can recognize and track to include insects, cars, trains and airplanes. The A7R V now has animal/bird head and body recognition, not just eye detection, and perhaps most important of all, it can now recognize human subjects by their shapes, limbs and poses, not just from faces and eyes.

Check out the new “back screen”:

The rear screen has a really useful dual-pivot mechanism. You can tilt it upwards just like the previous model… (Image credit: Rod Lawton)

…but you can also flip it out sideways on a vari-angle hinge. (Image credit: Rod Lawton)

Thanks to the new pivot, you can also face the screen forward for solo shooting and presenting. (Image credit: Rod Lawton)


If you are in to specifications, here you go. Impressive to say the least:

Sensor: 61MP back-illuminated APS-C Exmor R CMOS
Image processor: BIONZ XR + AI unit
Mount: Sony FE
ISO range: 100-32,000
Shutter speeds: 1/8000-30sec
Image stabilization: 5-axis IBIS, Active mode, up to 8 stops
Max image size: 9,504 × 6336 pixels
Max video resolution: 8K 24p
Continuous shooting: 10fps
Viewfinder: 9,444k dot EVF, 0.9x magnification
LCD: Tilting/vari-angle touchscreen, 3.1-inch, 2,095k dot
Memory: 2x SD UHS-II/CFexpress Type A
Size: 131.3 x 96.9 x 82.4 mm( 5 1/4 x 3 7/8 x 3 1/4 inches)
Weight: 723 g (approx. 1 lb 9.6 oz)

List price on camera body: $5995.00 US dollars. Most likely you should be able to buy it for less on Amazon and other big photo dealers sites.

Hope you enjoy these updates on new cameras!

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2 thoughts on “NEW SONY A7R V ANNOUNCED!

  1. Is it continues recording like wedding video graphy is it possible.
    body temperature problems anything ?

    1. Thanks for asking good questions!

      Yes the new Sony camera can do a long video recording, but remember it will depend on how large your SD card, or memory card is. If you do long recordings, make sure you have a large memory card.

      I have not heard of temperature being a problem, but I wouldn’t want to test that on an important photo shoot. All electronics are susceptible to cold temperatures. I am sure this Sony could be too!

      This is a great camera, as Sony has become a best seller in many countries.

      Good luck!


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