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Just a few days ago, I did a blog on “Motherhood”. Now, is this one going to be any different than the one for Motherhood? Well, you are dealing with a different beast in a way. The Father represents a different perspective when dealing with children mostly. But, it is also apparent that a man has it’s tender points too (as seen in the photo above).

So, what type of photos would we do to really show off the “fatherhood” of man? In general, you want to still maintain the “macho” part of a man. The man, though still has it’s tenderness, and there is no way a man would not be proud to see a photo, like that above, of himself, in a tender moment with his child.

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The father takes on different roles with their children. And generally, they love it. They want to be the one that helps their children develop certain talents. Helping them learn to ride a bike, for example, seems to fall on the father. And I know there are always exceptions, but, in a good dual relationship, that is the case.

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Look for ways that the father shows his love to the children. Make sure as you photograph them, that you get down to their level. We see too many tops of heads when children are involved.

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Make sure you get photos of the father and child really having fun. This will really mean a lot to both people in the future.

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All father’s love their children. It is really important that you get photos showing that. Enjoy taking these type of photos, as it will help build a bond between parent and child for a long time to come. More photos of fathers need to be taken.

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