man wearing jacket standing on wooden docks leading to body of water

123PhotoGo wants feedback, from Readers:

man wearing jacket standing on wooden docks leading to body of water
Photo by Wouter de Jong on

First of all, I want to thank the 42,000 followers I have on many of the different social media outlets, and direct link readers. I am always trying to be more creative and search for subjects that you, my readers, would like to know about. I have set up a series of questions that will help me learn about what my audience is looking for. Please help me out so I can create content that you all want.

First of all, tell me how you found out about 123PhotoGo?

What types of blogs of 123PhotoGo do you like the best?

Would you like to see more photos, just to see some beautiful images?

Would you like to have these blogs come emailed to you? That would be just 3 times a week? If so, we need some information:

Would you like to see certain products FOR SALE on this website, 123PhotoGo?

Thank you so much for your help in helping me develop a great photographic website.

You noticed that I did not ask for any name or email in most of these questions. If you would like to be listed as a special reader with 123PhotoGo, then please fill out the form below:

I am looking for photographers who would like to contribute an article or blog post to this website. I have had some do that before, and it’s always good to have different authors for these blogs. If you are interested, please contact me below on my email:

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