person playing ukulele

Trying a daily photo subject idea:

person playing ukulele
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Picking a photo subject:

Do you want to increase your skills in photography? Could you find a subject to take a picture of every day for a month? Can you be creative enough to do a single subject every day for a month? Do you realize how your skills in photography will increase, simply by doing this project? Let’s check this out:

A training program just for you

Have you ever wanted to do some kind of training program that would help your photography skills sky-rocket? Well here are some simple steps to help you become better, and have fun at the same time. Check out these ideas:

photo of woman playing ukulele white sitting on gray sofa
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Here are the steps to make you a success:

1- Pick a subject to photograph every day:

Now this will stretch you. What could you take pictures of every day? As you noticed the photos above, you could start with your favorite musical instrument. What kind of photos could you take of your favorite instrument? You are playing the instrument, close-up of the instrument (you could do several photos of that), different people playing the instrument), ideas of how each part of the instrument works, different types of lighting for it, and on and on.

The idea is to try a different type of photo every day for a month. With a subject you choose.

The thing to think about while doing this project:

Here are some things to think about each time you take a photo:

1- Composition. Think about the proper rules in taking photos of your subject.

2- Lighting: Can you be creative in how the light comes on the subject?

3- Try a variety of color, black and white, etc.

4- Try to think about taking a photo that you could use it for advertising. How would you use your photo in advertising?

5- Don’t give up any day. Put a reminder in your phone about: It’s time to take a photo of _______!


This will just be fun to see the many different subjects people choose and the different pictures people took of their favorite subject.


I have mentioned a musical instrument. Here are 9 more ideas to get your mind going. You don’t have to pick these, these are just help you out.


One of the things that will help you is to stay connected with me. I would like to help you with ideas, how to download the photos so I can view them as well, help you with composition (ideas of how to take these photos, etc. ).

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