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Now I have gone this far, I hope you are not thinking that I am just grasping for straws. The remaining subjects are legitimate. And this one is interesting. Just by developing a website or special page on the social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and others, and you get big numbers, you can make some serious money. Brands will see your numbers and want to promote their product on you website.

There are dedicated websites and apps that connects you to brands. Some of the more well-known apps include Takumi and Tribe. Here’s how to make your social media account attractive to brands:

  • Large follower numbers;
  • High levels of interaction (likes and comments) on your posts;
  • Original content
  • Consistency in terms of subject and style.


If you already have a blog then you are half-way there. If you don’t have one, now is the time to start. Check out this guide to WordPress to help.

Here are some potential sources of income from your blog:

  • Affiliate advertising: use a plugin like PrettyLinks to generate income from products you mention.
  • Display advertising: get paid for clicks on ads you set up using Google Adsense. Or use AdSanity to direct sell advertising space.
  • Sponsorsored Posts: get paid by companies to write about their products or services.

The key to blogging success is organic traffic. The kind of traffic you get by ranking for keywords on search engines. IN order to get organic traffic, you need killer content as well as some SEO knowledge. Checkout PhotoBlog’s guide on SEO for photographers.

Remember to tell your friends and family about your blog. Likewise, link to your blog from your social media accounts. The more visitors you get, the more potential you have to make money.


Events provide great opportunities for photographers to make money. You’ll have a ready-made customer base in the form of attendees, who will happily pay for a photo of a memorable moment.

Look at local listings to see which events are scheduled in your area. Look out for:

  • Sporting events
  • Country fairs
  • Music festivals
  • Charity events
  • Pet shows

Always contact the organizers prior to the event to offer your services– don’t just show up. It’s also a good idea to visit the venue before the event, so you can scope out the best angles.

Following the event, allow access to low resolution, watermarked images via an online gallery, so people can view before they buy.

Use a platform like Snapped4U to submit your event gallery for attendees to browse and purchase from. There’s no initial cost to you: simply set the purchase price for images and then Snapped4U retains a percentage of the sale price of each photo.

man holding microphone while talking to another man
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One more blog on How to Make Money in Photography, coming next Monday. See you then!

This is part 5 of a series to help you to learn how to make money in photography. Several ways of making money are discussed

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