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Patreon is a company that helps me as a blogger to make the website more fun, by offering more than just reading a blog. My goal in this is for you to continue to read my blogs about photography. However, I have developed a system called: ”LEARNING WITH PHOTOS”.

Learning with Photos:

With “learning with Photos”, I put up a group of photos, good or bad, and then comment on each photo about how the photo was created, OR put up a photo that is not so good, and comment about how we can make this better. Visually, it is a much better way to learn than just read my blog.



Now here is the fun part: For just $3 US Dollars (all country currency is available), you can read my blog, and also have access to reading: “Learning with photos”….. PLUS, we will put your name and email in to a special group so that you will get at least one or two newsletters every month. This newsletter is the place you can keep up to the news about camera manufactures and what new things are going to be available for your camera, and other manufactures as well. It is always fun to know what new things are coming. This is designed to make photography more informational to you, my readers. I am not trying to punish my readers, but offer something more of value that I think you will enjoy. This $3 is so minimal, I am positive you will get more than the $3 it takes to get involved in this program.

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We call that level 1 OR “BASIC LEVEL” In our Patreon system.

There is a step up from the “Basic Level” to ADVANCED LEVEL. With the Advanced level you will get this:


  • This level will get you everything of the “Basic Level”. PLUS:
  • There will be extra blogs or articles that will be available only to Advanced level Patrons.
  • Plus, you can enter some of your own photos in our new “Advanced Gallery”. Remember, I have a lot of followers and this will be nice to have your photos to show off and get the word out about your skills.
  • This level is just $2 more than the basic level, but now, you get more content. I am going to open this up to those that subscribe, a place to input some information you would like to know more about. Advanced training is a good way to call it. And in this level you may be way advanced already, you can submit your own article to be used here at 123photogo. I welcome such creative people to share their ideas with all of us.
And there is one more level:

Premium level:

This is designed to make a subscription real fun. For $10 you will get all the benefits of the Basic Level, the Advanced Level, and then also your name will go into a drawing for a new camera accessory worth up to $125.00! But, we must have 50 new names before we qualify for this drawing. I don’t know how long this will take, but you could promote this as well in order to have a chance for this drawing. Remember your name only goes up against 49 other people in this category. Once we have reached this level of 50 Premium level subscribers, we will have the drawing. Then another 50 names are added to this level, and so on we will have another drawing.

Yes, this Patreon program takes money, but the benefits are:

  • You will learn your photography better
  • You will have specialized information about your camera equipment, and others,
  • Special blogs just for members
  • A drawing for equipment when we get 50 new subscribers. Could be a new lens, a bag, a flash, something you may want for your camera system.

Hope you will join us as we start this new program.


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