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Change, as they say, is the only thing that’s constant. And yet still, most of us are not comfortable with it. This is what makes change management such a difficult concept. Even artists love to stay in their comfort zones and keep doing what they feel comfortable with.

But what if things were to unexpectedly change tomorrow? How would we cope with that? Considering the recent change in his own life that photographer SEAN TUCKER had to go through, he’s expertly positioned to share his thoughts and suggestions in this video:

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Creativity thrives when the work environment is dynamic. As Tucker rightly puts it, staying within the same surroundings can start to feel sickening. This can severely limit your creativity. It is therefore wise to keep going to different places to find photo opportunities.

We must learn to try new things to improve!

If you’ve been taking great photos in a certain spot for a long time, the thought of going to a new place can be frightening at first. That’s because we expect ourselves to instantly start taking high-quality photos in the new environment. But the truth is that you can’t just pop up to a new place and start producing world-class content. Patience is key.

This notion holds true not only for your photography locations, but for your other practices as well. For instance, we’re always afraid to try out new genres. The idea of taking “bad photos” when trying something new haunts us. And we might not realize it instantly, but trying out new things can be a great opportunity to develop a new skill set.

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Even if your images from a new endeavor don’t meet your standards, don’t worry about others pointing fingers. Don’t let them weaken you. Keep working on yourself and one day you’ll make the jump.

“Work in the long term to become a better, more well-rounded, more skilled, more tooled-up photographer.”

Sean Tucker

The most important thing when dealing with change is the need to take small but consistent steps. Be ready to face challenges with patience and hard work. Changes are scary, but when you make it through, the realization of progress will make everything worth it.

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