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Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Pexels.com

There seems to be in the photographers world, a strange phenomenon. It is called: “Lonely pictures”. No really, I am just as guilty as most of you, and it is interesting because back when there was just “film” for your camera, people printed more photos than they do now, per photos taken. It is probably because it’s just so easy to just “save” your photos, and if you need one, or want one, you can just print it.

How often do you actually see them, so you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts? How often do these images give you the repeat pleasure of reminiscing about when you were somewhere special—or with someone special? When do you take the time to actually enjoy your images? How you captured them? The delight in the surroundings? So much pleasure and delight, foregone—perhaps even forgotten?

A great photo with special memories. Making a print should be natural.

The above photo is one of my favorite photos. It is a perfect photo with the natural “twilight colors” and it’s my son out in the lake. It’s the best of all worlds. Printing this photo would be a perfect thing to do, because it brings back memories, but, makes me take the time to show off some of my own photography.

I also have a zillion images on my hard drives, but I try to pick up the few gems that I capture so that I can make the most of them.

Printing adds a whole new dimension to our photography and helps us to really appreciate our special images. We can see and appreciate them regularly. Bringing them into the physical world can stop them from getting lost on our hard drives.

There are two different ideas of printing your photos.

1- Photos for the “photo album”

Photo by Kirk Cameron on Unsplash

Photos of your family, that might go in a photo album is best printed by a professional photo lab. These small photos are generally so inexpensive, it makes sense to print this way, rather than waste a whole sheet of paper just to print 1 small photo that would go in an album. I use a good lab in my neighborhood, and I think they only charge 25cents for a 4X6 print.

2- Photos for the “wall”

Photo by Dan 7th on Unsplash

Photos that would go on the wall, with a frame, can be printed on your good photo printer from your own computer, or you can order them online from a photo processing store.

This is where the “artistic” photos should be displayed. It would be a place where you can think about the way this photo was taken, and actually learn about how you accomplished this piece of art.

Once you begin to print images at a reasonable size, you will find that your appreciation of your own photography develops and you will become more creative.

You are really beginning to discover the second half of the photographic process, which is what you do with your special images.

Photo by Juan Sisinni on Unsplash

Give serious consideration to printing enlargements for the wall, and memory size photos for your album. It will add so much more to the pleasure of photography.

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