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So, here we are, on a new adventure into the world of Patreon.  I am doing this first post so you can get an idea of how my posts will look like from now on.  I found since I signed up with this website,, that I can do blogs for free, or limit to those who are willing to pay a little extra to get “premium content”.  I want this to be a place where you can continue to learn about photography, and there will be some blogs that will be free, and some you need to be a “Patron” to see the blog.  

Let’s start off today with describing the different types of blogs there will be on this site now.  

1-  Standard basic learning blog – 

2-  Patron only blogs – Incredible amount of extra information on photography.  These will be some that takes days and days to create, and will be loaded with photos so that you can learn the most.  

3-  “Learn by Pictures” – is a new series, and even basic photographers will want to see this because I post a photo and rip it apart because it “Failed” in my book.  Composition is wrong, Wrong lens was used, or whatever.  It will not be a good photo in my book, and then we show you a picture like that, that was done right.  – Reserved for Patrons only.  (This takes quite a bit of time out of my life to put this together.

4-  Newsletter – for Patrons only.  This will be a special newsletter that highlights new photo products, or cell phone products.  This is a favorite of most of you.  But will now be available to those who are “Patrons”.  

Hope that helps.  Let’s look at some “Learn by pictures” examples so you can see some new way to learn photography:


Do I like this portrait.  Not much.  A 3/4 view of men is a great idea, if you have everything in the right places.  This person has his hands behind his head… as a pose?  No,  And I would not have him looking at the sky (or whatever).  

Let’s do the same person, but do a nice portrait of him.

I like this photo much better.  A little more calm, looking at the camera and a very pleasant look.  A note:  Most men do not really like to smile “big” when having their picture taken, so look for a little more serious look but yet pleasant.


Who is this?  You know back in the old wild wild west days, men wore bandanas or scarfs over their face so you wouldn’t recognize them.  So why would you have him with his Covid mask on.  No one will want to remember him as the guy who always wore a mask.

The businessman.  I like this photo.  Very handsome person with a great build.  It is not a bad idea to show off their physique this way either.  And the man will enjoy how you captured him looking so “masculine”

Men’s portraits look really good with contrast. You know, with a shadow or something on part of their face.  But not too much!  Like this one!  I am still at this point where I don’t know what he looks like.  

Perfect!  Some shadow work on one side of his face.  Makes him look macho.  And the nice placement of arms, the subdued lighting.  This portrait is how it should be done.

And now here are a few photos of Men, that was done right…. good composition, good lighting, etc:

Thanks for joining with me on this new format, and to follow me on my Page for subscribers, this time for free!

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