6 things that make a photo amazing!

Photo by Lanny Cottrell Photography

In photography, in order to be a stunning photo that people will just enjoy, because of it’s artistic nature, you need to have these elements in the photograph:

There is not any order to these, just that when you take a photograph, look for one of these elements to make it more outstanding:

1- Shape

Shape is so important to have. If you have a Zebra out in the distance in your photo, then it is no good. You have to be able to recognize your subject, and see it well.

five zebra grazing on grass field
Photo by Hendrik Cornelissen on Pexels.com

2- Lines

This is one of the strongest elements and plays a big part in a lot of well composed photos. Learning how to use lines in your photos, will be the key to successful photos. Once you learn about lines, you will want to try to use them in a lot of your photos.

Leading lines can come in a lot of varieties. A simple tree, a path or trail, a road, all those things can play a part in using lines. ——Photo by Matt Flores on Unsplash

3- Form or Depth

Now shape is two dimensional but when we get to form we add a third dimension, depth. Form is very dependent on light. How the light hits the form creates the feeling of depth which is essential in a stunning image. Squares, circles and triangles reveal their form when strong side lighting hits them. The contrast between shadows and light turns shape into form.

See how nice this photo looks with side lighting, shadows cast by the subject. It makes the photo powerful by having this kind of side lighting, which creates depth. —————Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz on Unsplash

Side lighting can even make portraits seem outstanding.

Side lighting will often make a portrait even more dramatic. It creates a mood, rather than just do a photo or portrait.

Photo by Minna Autio on Unsplash

Side lighting can make or break even scenery photos. You would have to get up early or take them just before sundown to get these kind of amazing photos.

4- Pattern

Sometimes in photography, you can find a pattern that seems to make the photo outstanding. Sometimes the patterns are hard to find, but, it does make the photos exciting. Patterns can be used as a background or the subject. Patterns are all around, and when you find them, take the shot.

stained glass high rise building
Photo by Mantas Sinkevičius on Pexels.com

The simple things in a flower will bring a pattern that people will really like as well:

red and white petaled flowers
Photo by João Jesus on Pexels.com

5- Color

Use color to your advantage as well. Color is the most striking of the elements when used correctly. Contrasting and complementary colors will create an amazing image but used incorrectly will wash out an otherwise great photo. Color evokes deep emotion. We think in color and feel in color and use color to describe those feelings.

apartment architecture block blue
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
landscape nature night relaxation
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

6- Texture

Out of all the elements I think that texture evokes the biggest emotional response by a viewer. The challenge here is to photograph it in such a way that the light causes the texture to reveal itself in a way as to create a feeling. Side lighting is important as it lifts the texture out of the image so as to almost create the actual texture for you to feel. More than any other element, it is important to get in close so that the fibers, cracks, or rough stone are clearly visible.

green leafed plant
Photo by Nothing Ahead on Pexels.com
green leaf
Photo by Scott Webb on Pexels.com


6 things that help you create a photo that will be outstanding. It’s a good thing we only have 6 steps to remember. There’s enough now to remember in creating an amazing photo. Good luck as you incorporate these elements into your photos.

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