PHOTO ACCESSORY: Electronic Flash! Do you need it?

Photo by Arisa Chattasa on Unsplash

Why do you need an electronic flash?

I really appreciate the camera manufactures adding small pop-up flashes to their camera bodies. It makes so much difference to have that artificial light when you need it.


The flash that comes with your camera is the worst idea they could come up with in creating good flash photos. Here are the reasons they are not so good:

1- If you are taking a photo of someone and use the flash on the camera, you will get “RED EYES”. Do you really want to make your loved one look like they are a zombie? Here is some examples:

I have literally seen grown women start crying when they see their child with these awful red eyes.

Here’s how it happens: When you use the flash on your camera, you are usually in a room that is not very bright, and their pupils are open big. Then when the flash goes off, it lights up the back of the eyeballs as well as the rest of the face. And now you are just seeing the “back of the eye”, when you see the red eye effect.

The further you can get your flash away from the lens, the better you will be. And that is why the auxiliary flash is usually so tall and up so high. It will certainly help, but in some cases you may still get some red eye.

Watch this quick 2 minute video explaining why you buy a flash and how you can get away from red eyes, and actualy have better photos from using a flash:

Special thanks to Adorama for putting this quick video together.

There are professional photographers that use flash outdoors, indoors, everywhere. And when you discover how amazing your photos will look after using flash outdoors, you may try different things all together. Check this out:

From a professional’s point of why you would use flash outdoors, indoors, everywhere. You will want to try this when you see this working so nicely. It WILL take you to a whole new level of photography.
All camera manufactures make amazing flashes that mount on the top of your camera. Check out what you can buy to improve your photography with flash.

This weeks tip on Photo accessories adds a whole new dimension to your photography. The next blog I do will focus on another accessory you just can’t live without.

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